amateur eyes - i HFR-010


"amateur eyes is an post punk indie rock group from saline, michigan, fronted by john pederson. during his time at the university of michigan, john’s love for music made it difficult for him to care about school, and after earning grades that reflected that he decided to take an “indefinite hiatus” from academia and do justice to the songs that had been tearing at his soul from the inside so long. amateur eyes’ debut album “i” promises nostalgia and guitar centric, catchy tunes."

Pressed on /50 white tapes with denim blue imprint.


  1. melodramaticism
  2. for sam, wherever you are
  3. shelter
  4. things that hold us back
  5. how to convince yourself that you're happier alone
  6. borrowed time
  7. the nearest of stars
  8. woody guthrie hates this song
  9. ghosts in the graveyard
  10. imperfect silence, or, light pollution
Pressing Information

First Press:
/50 - White