Deathdealer. - Tragically Human State CASSETTE HFR-008


FSR031 / HFR008.

Co-release with Funeral Sounds.

In a scene filled with lackluster artists trying to prove themselves through lucrative means, Deathdealer. prefer to let their music do the talking. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the noisy, sludge-ridden punk two piece comprised of bassist/vocalist Dave Vitola and drummer Dalton Patton have no desire to hide behind any gimmicks on their latest full-length, Tragically Human State. The 10 track, 20 minute album touches on various states of being, various struggles we go through as humans, namely aging, regret, the fear of failure and "Existential Dread", tying it all together under the Tragically Human State title. Fans of Code Orange or those into the idea of a punk-as-fuck Death from Above 1979 will love Tragically Human State.

1st Pressing (this):
/50 red tinted tapes w/ white imprint (Funeral Sounds exclusive)
/50 smokey tapes w/ white imprint (Have Fun Records exclusive)

Premiered on Dying Scene:


  1. Rat's Nest
  2. Die, Meathead Scum
  3. Ancient Terror
  4. Existential Dread
  5. Scatter Brain
  6. Fuck Up
  7. Culprit
  8. Stay Awake. Stay Alive.
  9. Wage Slave
  10. Tragically Human State
Pressing Information

1st Press:
/25 Smokey [Have Fun Records]
/25 Red [Funeral Sounds}