HFR011: Charmer - Whateverville

08/12/2016 · Have Fun Records · HFR-011

Charmer's Whateverville is an EP of b-sides of sorts, the release was initially planned to be released as an LP. The world is mysterious and had other plans for Have Fun Records and Charmer.

HFR010: amateur eyes - i

05/20/2016 · Have Fun Records · HFR-010

Amateur Eyes is a post punk/indie rock group helmed by John Pederson. If you're a fan of such songwriters like David Bazan, Kevin Devine, or Mansions, then this is your lucky day. "I" contains insanely catchy and nostalgic songs that will not be able to leave your head.

HFR009: Charmer - Best Worst Birthday Ever

03/11/2016 · Have Fun Records · HFR-009

Charmer is a five-piece emo/pop-punk band from Marquette, Michigan. With a style reminiscent of the Brave Birds of yesteryear and the Free Throws of today, their super catchy melodies will 'charm' their way into your hearts. Only two songs long, they can certainly stand on their own as singles. With a incredible replay-ability, they will be a constant repeat in your Mom's 1994 Nissan Sentra tape player.

HFR008: Deathdealer. - Tragically Human State

09/21/2015 · Have Fun Records / Funeral Sounds · HFR-008

In a scene filled with lackluster artists trying to prove themselves through lucrative means, Deathdealer. prefer to let their music do the talking. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the noisy, sludge-ridden punk two piece comprised of bassist/vocalist Dave Vitola and drummer Dalton Patton have no desire to hide behind any gimmicks on their latest full-length, Tragically Human State. The 10 track, 20 minute album touches on various states of being, various struggles we go through as humans, namely aging, regret, the fear of failure and "Existential Dread", tying it all together under the Tragically Human State title. Fans of Code Orange or those into the idea of a punk-as-fuck Death from Above 1979 will love Tragically Human State.

HFR007: Forever Losing Sleep - I Lost Myself Again.

10/14/2015 · Have Fun Records · HFR-007

Forever Losing Sleep's LP combines the ferocity and emotional dread compacted in post-hardcore with the swooning, elegant melodies of post-rock to make for one excellent debut. Only spanning 8 tracks, the band is able to tear through your heart-strings with hints of ambiance and subtlety intertwined with organized chaos. If you're a fan of Pianos Become the Teeth or Brand New, or just post-hardcore in general, this album is yours.

HFR005: Things Fall Apart - S/T

05/27/2016 · Have Fun Records / Bad Break Records / Paperweight Records / Endless Bummer Records · HFR-005

At long last, the debut LP from Things Fall Apart comes to life. The Columbus based Things Fall Apart finally puts forth their long awaited LP, after releasing a string of well-received EPs. The screamo, post-hardcore infused sounds ripples throughout the album leaving something that any fan of Merchant Ships or Midwest Pen Pals will instantly fall in love with.

HFR004: Roanoke - Vast Knowledge Of Things That Don't Matter

??/??/???? · Have Fun Records / Driftwood Records / Santapogue Media / Dingleberry Records · HFR-004

HFR003: Glen Eyrie - Eyr Head

12/12/2014 · Have Fun Records · HFR-003

Glen Eyrie is a five-piece shoegaze band from Detroit, MI. Their debut EP, "Eyr Head", is six-track blend of chiptune, post-rock, and melancholy.

The cassette release features two new bonus tracks and a whole new cassette release. Released on a blue tint colorway.

HFR002: Deathdealer - Volume One

02/27/2015 · Have Fun Records · HFR-002

Deathdealer is a two-piece hardcore band from Boston, MA that offers much more than your usual duo. Combining various genres from hardcore punk to noise rock, the twosome create a sound all their own providing a breath of fresh air within the Boston hardcore scene. With a sonic reminisce of legends like The Locust or Lightning Bolt, their first LP, Volume One, features fourteen tracks collected from their already incredible discography.

Volume One is being pressed on three different variants: standard black vinyl, translucent kelly green with heavy black splatter, and baby pink and black “color in color”. Features artwork from Nikita
Kaun (http://sunturnsintowater.tumblr.com/).

HFR001: Dr. Manhattan - Jam Dreams

09/25/2014 · Have Fun Records · HFR-001

Dr. Manhattan from Wacaonda, IL, will be re-issuing their sophomore LP "Jam Dreams'’ on vinyl via MI-based indie label Have Fun Records. The album features 12 groovy tracks from the party-punk band co-produced alongside Saves the Day's Chris Conley.

Along with being re-issued, the vinyl release of Jam Dreams features an entirely artwork and layout supplied by independent artist, T. Hans. Every purchase of the album comes with a digital download code packaged with the record that features brand new B-side tracks and remixes from their discography.

HFR000: Meanings - Unual Local CD

03/26/2014 · Have Fun Records · HFR-000

Meanings is a one-piece electronic/chillwave/emo outfit based in Riverview, MI. "Unual Local" has been re-remastered for an exclusive CD release through Have Fun Records. The release includes a hand-printed cardboard jacket with a printed insert. Only 25 have been made.

"Meanings' tracks are laced with a heavy influence from the hip-hop scene from the past few years. But alongside the heavy packets of hi-hat metronomes and trap snares, they're some hints of house and an affinity glitchy effective samples that take his tracks to an interesting place. The track entitled "Bye" carry some familiar and some unfamiliar flavors, and reminds me a great deal of Ludwig's production values off of Childish Gambino's "Because the Internet" record. It's nice watching the movements shift to an abstracted ambient place about 2/3rds into the thing." ~ Satchell Drakes